Conference Background

The HAXPES conference is an esteemed gathering of experts from various fields, focusing on the technique of Hard X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (HAXPES). This promising technique allows the study of bulk electronic structures in different materials using x-rays ranging from 2 keV to 15 keV, with a probing depth of 10nm - 30nm.

Since its inception with the 1st International Workshop HAXPES 2003 at ESRF, the conference series has grown and evolved. The upcoming 10th conference in this series will be held in Pilsen, Czech Republic, from June 4th to June 7th. These conferences typically attract around 150 to 200 scientists and follow a single-session format, fostering a collaborative environment akin to the Gordon Conferences.

Over the years, several satellite workshops and conferences have been organized as part of this series. Here is a glimpse of the history:

1st Int. Workshop, HAXPES2003, Sep. 11-12, ESRF at Grenoble

2nd Int. Workshop, HAXPES2006, Sep. 19-20, SPring-8 at Harima

ALS Satellite Workshop 2008 (ALS User's meeting), Oct. 14-15, ALS at Berkeley

BEESY Satellite Workshop 2008, Dec. 8, BESSY at Berlin

3rd Int. Workshop, HAXPES2009, May 20-22, BNL at Brookhaven

SOLEIL Satellite Workshop 2010, Jan. 18-19, SOLEIL at France

4th Int. Workshop, HAXPES2011, Sep. 14-16, DESY at Hamburg

5th Int. Conf., HAXPES2013, Jun. 17-20, Uppsala University, at Uppsala

6th Int. Conf., HAXPES2015, Mar. 30 - Apr. 3, NSRRC at Hsinchu

7th Int. Conf., HAXPES2017, Sep. 11-15, Berkeley

8th Int. Conf., HAXPES2019, Jun. 3-6, Sorbonne University at Paris

9th Int. Conf., HAXPES2022, May 31st-June 3rd, Himeji in Japan

The HAXPES conference series serves as a platform for exchanging knowledge and exploring the latest advancements in the field, encompassing everything from fundamental atomic and molecular physics to applied materials science.